Broadway Night 2018

Student Leaders

2018-2019 SLHS Chorus Leadership Team

Our student leaders are an important part of the success of our chorus program and gives students an opportunity to serve in a variety of roles that benefit the choir community as a whole.

Chorus Officers

Julianne Jaegle (12) President
Doa Oulai (12) Vice President
Grace Moore (11) Secretary
Camille Denny (11)
Jaren Robinson (12)
Tessa Auda (11)
Matthew Guerber (10)
Alana Riso (11)
Thalia Tran (10)
Music Librarians
Lindsey Hirshfeld (11)
Catherine Sklar (11)
Music Historians
Joshua Jacobs (12) Spirit Leader
Margarita Gamarnik (11)
Danielle Yakubisin (11)
Mentoring Executives
Tyler Cariaga (11)
Connor Hilleary (10)

Section Leaders

Student Section Leaders Section  
Bella Voce Alto 1
Bella Voce Alto 2
Bella Voce Soprano 1
Bella Voce Soprano 2
Chamber Singers Alto
Chamber Singers Bass
Chamber Singers Soprano
Chamber Singers Soprano
Chamber Singers Tenor
Seahawk Camerata Bass 1
Seahawk Camerata Bass 2
Seahawk Camerata Tenor 1
Seahawk Camerata Tenor 2
Select Treble Choir Alto 1
Select Treble Choir Alto 2
Select Treble Choir Soprano 1
Select Treble Choir Soprano 2
Seahawk Chorale Alto 1
Seahawk Chorale Alto 2
Seahawk Chorale Soprano 1
Seahawk Chorale Soprano 2
Seahawk Chorale Soprano 3
Seahawk Chorale Soprano 4

A Capella Directors

A Capella Group Directors