Broadway Night 2018


Welcome to a new year with South Lakes Chorus. Of course a new school year means... lots of forms! For everything that you need to get started this year, view the sections below to either download and complete or click through to one of our online forms.

Step 1: Get Organized

All forms need to be completed and turned in by September 21, 2018. Get started by planning and organizing your forms with the Forms Cover Sheet Checklist. This sheet will help you keep track of the rest of the forms, but does not itself need to be turned in.

Step 2: Chorus Class Information

Get started by downloading the core class and curriculum information and chorus forms

Step 3: Curricular Technology & Resources

Get set up on all the technology you need to stay connected with SLHS Chorus and school.

Blackboard (course management website)

Remind (educational texting service)

Google Classroom Enrollment

Sight Reading Factory

CHARMS (chorus communications management website)

Step 4: FCPS Forms

There are a number of forms specific for FCPS that we need to have on file including emergency and transportation forms.