AUDITION UPDATE – as of 10/18/2020


  • The Audition Fee will be $13 per student.
  • Students will pay using the South Lakes Chorus website (activity registration form will be sent separately.)

Audition Details

  • The audition submission window will open November 1 and will remain available throughout the entire month of November.
  • Tutorial videos on how to complete the registration and audition process will be available on the VMEA Senior Honors Choir website on or before October 26.
  • Students will record a live video audition for the song, “I Attempt from Love’s Sickness” and will complete one sight-reading example chosen from several at random as well.
  • Students will have the ability to practice the video recording and submission process before they record their final take that is used for their audition.
  • Sheet music and accompaniment tracks for “I Attempt from Love’s Sickness” along with Sight-Reading examples from previous years can be found on the VMEA Senior Honor Choir website.
  • Soprano and Tenors will sight-read in the keys of Eb, F, or G major.
  • Altos and Basses will sight-read in the keys of A, Bb, or D major.
  • The vocal range for the sight-reading is from “Ti” (below) to “La” (above) the starting tonic pitch.


Honors Choir Workshop

  • Students who are selected for the Honors Choir will participate in a virtual workshop/rehearsal during the month of January:
    • A full-group meeting with our guest conductor, Dr. Chris Aspaas
    • Virtual sectionals led by some of our fantastic VA choral directors
    • Additionally, a collegiate roundtable discussion with current music majors from across the commonwealth

Recording & Submission of Performance Pieces

  • Students will receive specifics as to how these recordings should look like, should be prepared and submitted
  • They will record two songs for the event
  • And their recordings are due by a deadline (late January TBD)

“Production” & “Premiere” of  the Performance

  • Editing and engineering of performance pieces will take place during February
  • Finally, an online premiere of the Honors Choir Performance is planned for March, during “Music in our Schools” Month

Also, Honors Choir members will receive t-shirts, certificates, and medals as they normally would.

Please reach out to Mrs. Gigliotti at with any questions and/or concerns.



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