Broadway Night

Virtual Broadway Night 2020-21

Screen and Stage

Virtual Show Dates Scheduled for
February 27-28, 2021

South Lakes High School Chorus and Parents for the Choral Arts (PCA) are excited to announce the 2020-21 edition of Broadway Night. This year is the 16th anniversary of Broadway Night and will be produced and presented virtually for the first time!  This year's show will feature songs that went from Screen to Stage or Stage to Screen thus the theme Screen and Stage!  It will have a Hollywood-esque feel to it!

Broadway Night is a musical theatre intensive designed to give our chorus and performing arts students an opportunity to perform in a Broadway themed musical revue. The experience includes working with professional choreographers and directors.  This year given that we are unable to rehearse and produce the show in person, performers will have sessions with directors and choreographers virtually.  In addition, performers will be directed on how to self-record their performance for final show production.  Music will be learned and pre-recorded between October and Winter break.  Performers must have the discipline to rehearse, come to rehearsal prepared, and work respectfully in a virtual environment! We have amazing technical and musical producers and musicians who will then work to produce the show.  We are still working on the logistics for how the show will be streamed, released and recorded.  The plan is for the production to be ready for release in late February!

We know this won't be the same experience as previous Broadway Night performances, but we are excited to offer the opportunity to make music and work together to create a unique, one-of-a-kind performance with students in 5th through 12th grade from our South Lakes HS pyramid schools.

Bookmark this page, it will serve as our "central hub" for Broadway Night and will be updated frequently.

Boys alladin

We are pleased to invited 5th through 8th grade students from our South Lakes High School pyramid to participate in this year's Virtual Broadway Night.  There will be a cap in terms of number of participants so please make sure to register once registration is active! This year to help our creative team produce the best show possible for our students and families, we are asking that all students in 5th through 8th grade submit an audition video including both vocals and dance.  The purpose of the audition videos is to help place any possible voice or dance video solos or spotlights.  Rehearsals will be virtual and performers will be required to prepare and rehearse a significant amount of time on their own.  It is important that performers are dedicated to rehearsing and coming to rehearsals prepared!  There will be limited tolerance for disruptful behavior.  Recordings for each number must be completed on time.  For those with technical constraints, we are working on opportunities to help schedule sessions to assist with recordings.

Dates & High Level Schedule

Below is the current timeline.  Some dates may be subject to changes, as this is the first of it's kind, and we will all be learning together!

High School Timeline:

  • Self-recorded audition videos will need to be uploaded for submission for South Lakes High School students by Friday, October 9th. NOTE: See audition information below!  Students should be able to use FCPS laptops to record and submit entries.  If a student has technical constraints, please submit a request for help to Mrs. G by no later than Friday, October 2nd.
  • All students who submit an audition and then fully register will be cast in the show. Performers will be cast in one number and the finale. NOTE: Male cast members will be cast in the male-only number and some may also be cast in one other number aside from the finale.
  • SAVE THE DATE:  Thursday October 22nd for the BWN Casting Reveal
    • Rehearsals:  November 1-20
    • Prep for filming: November 22-25
    • Filming:  November 30-December 5
    • Review & Revise: December 6-12
    • Contingency for Refilm:  December 13-19
    • Rehearsals through early January
    • Filming by mid-January
  • Coaching for solos/narration: January

Elementary / Middle School Timeline:

  • Release of Audition material and directions: Late September / early October
  • Self-recorded audition videos will need to be uploaded for submission for ES / MS students by Friday, October 23rd
    NOTE: Information will be posted with directions on how to pre-record and upload audition submissions.  Students should be able to use FCPS laptops, personal laptops with video cameras or smartphones to record and submit entries.  If a student has technical constraints, please submit a request for help to Mrs. Gigliotti by no later than Friday, October 16th.
  • SAVE THE DATE:  Currently the ES/MS BWN kickoff is scheduled for Friday October, 30th, Time TBD
  • Rehearsals:  November 8-25
  • Prep for filming: November 30-December 5
  • Filming:  December 6-12
  • Review & Revise: December 13-19
  • Contingency for Refilm:  January 3-9

Final Production Dates:

  • Final Production January/February
  • Tech week for limited set of performers who have "live-streamed" or final "Pre-recorded narration/transition or solos is in late February.

Virtual SHOW DATE: Live streaming from your home one-time the last week in February. More details to come!

Audition Instructions and Tracks

High School students will need to create and submit one audition video by no later than Friday, October 9th.  The audition will need to include a brief verbal bio, your audition song chosen from a selection of audition tracks, and a short dance which has been pre-recorded for you to learn.  To learn how to audition, click on the link below "Review Audition Instructions Presentation". This presentation and the audition tracks are all available in the Google Classroom set up by Mrs. Gigliotti.  The code is flhpjgz. The links are also in the Audition Instructions Presentation.

NOTE for Parents: Only High School students will be able to access the Google site but you can review the pdf presentation link below that includes the audition instructions. Elementary and Middle School audition information will be posted at a later date.

Broadway Night Fees

Broadway Night is a one of our biggest events and student participation fees will help cover different types of costs than in the past. In particular, the cost for the technical production and music will be significant.  Given this cost, and likelihood that ticket sales will not off-set production costs as much as in the past, the registration compared to last years is a net zero difference. We actually expect to barely breakeven for this production and may even carry a loss.  The cost will include:

  • Music and performance rights
  • Professional musicians to record and re-record the music which overlays the pre-recorded vocals.
  • Professional music and technical team to engineer each number and produce the cohesive show digitally.
  • Professional directors who receive a stipend for their time
  • Production materials that may be needed.
  • Production professionals to help manage the virtual rehearsals and other aspects of producing the show.
  • T-Shirts for all cast members

Fees for Broadway Night 2020-21 will be $75 for student performers. Fees may be paid online via the registration form.  If necessary, checks may be mailed but this is not preferrable given the circumstances this year.  (see registration form for details). Financial assistance is available and may be requested via the registration form.  A short explanation for why financial assistance is being requested is required.

Volunteers Needed


We are still trying to understand what volunteer help we need from parents to pull off the production of this show.  We will need all parents to:

  • Support the directors and other professionals by ensuring your student commits to the rehearsal and performance hours, plus pre-records their performances per the directors' guidelines and deadlines.
  • Support the program by making sure their performers are respectful and cooperate with the entire team throughout this unprecedented process!
  • Volunteer to help with different aspects of production such as: corporate sponsorships, parent shout-out ads, show night meal/popcorn fundraiser, ticket sales, virtual program slides, and other needs TBD.

If you are interested in helping to play a volunteer leadership role, please email to volunteer.  The Co-chairs for this year's Broadway Night are parents of current Seniors and are looking for parents of younger students to take on more of a leadership role this year in order to transition more smoothly into a chair position for next year.

Program Advertising

Show your support for Broadway Night and your performer by advertising in our virtual production!

More to come!  If interested email

Parents and Family: Purchase Digital shout outs and one-liners to be shown during the virtual performance!