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Spring Trip


The main purpose of the Spring Trip is to perform and/or compete at various venues in the United States. Choral students look forward to this opportunity each year as it builds camaraderie, morale, and pride within the program. The trip usually occurs in April after Spring Break. Students miss no more than 2 days of school. The cost of the trip depends on the number of students participating (the more who participate, the lower the cost per student), the location (NYC and Disney are generally more expensive), and travel accommodations (air, or ground). Generally the trip is between $600 and $1300 depending on these variables. Every other year we participate in a music festival competition. The music festival enables the school to compete with other schools from around the country and be evaluated on a national scale. The ratings and awards provide the schools and the music director an idea of how well the music program is doing. On the years we don’t compete, we usually visit a university music program and do a tour performance in the city we are visiting and/or at the university. The Spring trip is not purely work though! The students always know that there is a large measure of fun attached to it and it is meant to be the biggest reward for all their hard work of the school year. The itinerary is packed with sight-seeing, amusements, and at least one musical event for enjoyment.

2016 Destination – Disney World

Our 2016 Spring Chorus Trip will be to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

Check out the details of the 2016 Spring Trip to Disney World.

2015 Destination – Nashville, Tennessee

We traveled April 16 through April 19, 2015. We visited Vanderbilt University and participated in a choral workshop there with their school of music professors. In addition, we engaged in many cultural and musical activities throughout the weekend including a recording session at RCA studios and a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry prior to the live show. We left South Lakes High School on Thursday morning, April 16th and traveled to Nashville via charter bus.  We left Nashville on Sunday morning and drove back to Virginia, arriving back at South Lakes around midnight.

Check out the details of the 2015 Spring Trip to Nashville.

2014 Destination – New York City

We left South Lakes High School on Thursday morning, April 3rd and traveled to NYC via charter bus.  We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday participating in a Broadway Workshop, seeing 2 Broadway productions and visiting attractions throughout the city including: Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, the 9/11 Memorial and many stops along the way.  We left New York Saturday evening and drove back to Virginia, arriving back at South Lakes late that night.

Check out the details of the 2014 Spring Trip to New York City.

2013 Destination – Charleston, South Carolina

In 2013, we traveled to Charleston, SC. The itinerary included a campus visit to the University of South Carolina, Choral performances in one of Charleston’s finest concert halls, a Choral clinic with the Choral Director of USC, along with sight-seeing attractions in Charleston, and even a day in Savannah and a trip to the beach! We traveled with our Orchestra and Guitar programs.

Check out the details of the 2013 Spring Trip to Charleston.

2012 Destination – Disney World

Check out the details from the 2012 Spring Trip to Disney World.