Nov 17

Honeybaked Ham Fundraiser

HoneyBakedLogoPurchase your Holiday feast from Honey Baked Ham of Reston and help fund the South Lakes Chorus Spring Trip!

Orders are due December 15th.  Click here for details.


Nov 10

District XII Chorus Selections

Bravo to the 45 students who were selected, by audition, on Saturday, November 1, to represent South Lakes High School at All District Choir in February:


Treble Choir

Irwin, Lindsay TSOPR1
Choi, Alyssa TSOPR1
Thomas, Abby TSOPR1
Brooker, Meredith TSOPR1
Liu, Yuria TSOPR1
Lewis Jade TSOPR2
Schandler, Lila TSOPR2
Kessler, Rachel TSOPR2
Yavari, Shirin TSOPR2
Beckner, Olivia TSOPR2
Chaves, Paula TSOPR2
Sather, Lilly TSOPR2
Spar, Lauren TALTO
Flemings, Sarah TALTO
Ganesan, Naeha TALTO
Crump, Ellie TALTO
Low, Audrey TALTO

Mixed Choir

Doebrich, Brigid SOPR1
Jenkins, Emily SOPR1
Evans, Catherine SOPR2
Buckley, Kaylee SOPR2
Eubanks, Jessy SOPR2
Lintner, Madison SOPR2
Planton, Maddie SOPR2
Barkhordari, Arianna SOPR2
Delcoco, Sarah ALTO1
Salama, Vanessa ALTO1
Dayian, Tamar ALTO1
Cooper, Emma ALTO1 Alternate
Medvid, Catie ALTO2
Monfredo, Alyssa ALTO2
Nkomba, Nathan TENOR1
Branson, Hale TENOR1
Quinn, Charlie TENOR1
Alexa, Evan TENOR2
Rudison, Alex TENOR2
DeWolfe, Harrison TENOR2
Valenzuela, Jair TENOR2
Auman, Luke TENOR2
Riley, Colin TENOR2 Alternate
Fetter, Rhett BASS1
Moy, Mac BASS1
Brown, Alec BASS1
Danaher, Sean BASS1 Alternate
Gurley, Daniel BASS2 Alternate

Oct 27

Broadway Night 2015 Audition Information

BWNBroadway Night 2015 is coming soon!

South Lakes Chorus is calling all students to audition for this year’s show.  The audition is set for November 4, from 10 AM to 6 PM.  Check out the Broadway Night 2015 Audition information.

Oct 22

Fall Concert to Benefit the WACKY Foundation

WACKY Fall Concert2Rita Gigliotti and the SLHS Chorus Program are proud to designate the WACKY Foundation as the recipient of the fall benefit concert. Please show your support by following the link to the First Giving donation site for the WACKY Foundation at any time or at the concert. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: South Lakes High School, Little Theatre

More Information and Donate Now to the WACKY Foundation

About WACKY Foundation

The purpose of the WACKY Foundation is to raise awareness of, and to fund research into pediatric Wegeners Granulomatosis. The WACKY Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created by SLHS sophomore and chorus student Kajal Chandrabhatla. WACKY is the Wegeners Awareness Campaign for Kids and Youth. In 2013, a young family member was diagnosed with Wegeners Granulomatosis, a very rare autoimmune disease.

About Wegeners Granulomatosis

Wegeners Granulomatosis is so rare that diagnosis is very hard and is made only when the patient has been hospitalized with life threatening symptoms.  Wegeners is a form of vasculitis whereby the small blood vessels become inflamed and create small tumors that eventually block the blood supply to vital organs causing organ failure. Typically it can affect the eyes, sinuses, lungs, skin, joints and kidneys. Symptoms are typically repeated sinus infections, unknown rash, fatigue and joint pain.

Wegeners Granulomatosis is not curable but instead is medically pushed into remission using chemotherapy.The treatment protocols for children vary but always include long term chemotherapy and corticosteroids until the inflammation subsides and the organs resume working. Unfortunately by the time the child is diagnosed, severe organ damage has occurred. The disease is managed by routine labwork and medication. Wegeners is not hereditary and has no known genetic markers to support pre-screening or early diagnosis.

Oct 21

Nashville Spring Trip Information

Dear Choral Parents and Students,

I am excited to announce that our Spring Trip this year will be to Nashville, TN. If we have enough student interest, we will travel April 16 thru April 19, 2015. We are doing a joint trip this year with Oakton High School’s Choral Department. We have done this trip together in the past and it was a wonderful experience!

There was a Spring Trip Interest Meeting: Monday, October 20.  

We covered the itinerary, payment schedule, contract and answered any questions. Those interested in Chaperoning should attend and/or let Mrs. Gigliotti know by November 7. Chaperones go at half price. It is critical that we have all deposits and contracts for those participating by Friday, November 7th.

VanderbiltThe working itinerary is linked below. We will be visiting Vanderbilt University and participating in a choral workshop there with their school of music professors.

In addition, you will see that we will engage in many cultural and musical activities throughout the weekend including a recording session at RCA studios and a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry prior to the live show. We will leave South Lakes High School on Thursday morning, April 16th and travel to Nashville via charter bus.

GrandOleOpryWe will leave Nashville on Sunday morning and drive back to Virginia, arriving back at South Lakes around midnight. The school has approved this class absence as long as students plan ahead and complete all 3rd quarter assignments before departing on April 16th , which is the 2 hour early release day. This will be the only school day students would miss.

Transportation, workshop fees, tickets to events, most meals, night security, and lodging will be provided as part of the trip package. The cost will vary slightly depending on the total number of participants.  The trip is estimated to cost between $750 -$800 per student. The more students that participate, the less the trip will cost per student.

Payments will be divided into small installments throughout the year: November, January and March. The Choral department will sponsor at least two optional student fundraisers to help offset the cost of the trip.  Students will be able to fund-raise directly through the Scrip program for their own trip costs. Students in need can also apply for a limited number half tuition scholarships which will be funded by the PCA.

Rita Gigliotti, SLHS Choral Director

*Should there not be enough students to meet the minimum number required for the trip, money will be fully refunded. 

* A hard copy of this letter and itinerary was passed out in classes to students this week.

Scholarship Application 2015
SLHS Spring Trip 2015 Contract – Chaperones
SLHS Spring Trip 2015 Contract – Students
Working Tour Schedule – Nashville – Apr 2015 (as of 14-Oct-2014)


Oct 16

Music Theater Audition Workshop & Master Class

BWNThe Musical Theatre Audition 101 Workshop & Master Class is a great opportunity to enhance your audition skills for for the upcoming Broadway Night Audition.  Come prepared to sing 32 bars of a Broadway style Up-tempo or Ballad that you know well.  A professional accompanist will be provided.

Date: October 21, 2014
Time: 6:00-8:00 PM
Place: Chorus Room

For More Information:
Musical Theatre Auditions 101-Take Away Tips
Musical Theatre Audition 101 Workshop

Oct 16

Run the Diner Fundraiser

SilverDinerFun! Food! Fundraising!

Wednesday, November 12

TIME: 5:00 – 8:00 pm

PLACE: Reston Silver Diner

Join us as we “Run the Diner” All you have to do is eat!  All proceeds to the Pyramid Concert!

Here is the Run the Diner flyer.





Oct 09

Raise Some Dough at Flippin’ Pizza!

FlippinPizzaOur next restaurant night fund raiser is at Flippin’ Pizza. Here are the Details.

DATE: Monday, October 20
TIME: 2:30 – 10:00 pm
PLACE: South Lakes Flippin’ Pizza
Bring the Flippin’ Pizza Flyer or mention South Lakes Chorus when you make your purchase.

Sep 25

WNO Young Associates Program

The WNO Young Associates program seeks to support students in the DC metro area who are interested in exploring vocal performance and other potential fields within opera by offering the opportunity to observe and interact with a world-class opera company throughout the process of putting together a professional production.  This program is designed for students interested in pursuing opera or related fields in college or as a career.  The WNO Young Associates program is well-suited to dedicated classical singers interested in vocal performance, but is also appropriate for vocalists of any genre who would benefit from exploring opera and to students who may be interested in other areas of opera.

I am available to answer any questions from students, teachers, parents, principals, or any others.  I  can be reached at or (202) 416-8846.

WNO Young Associates Flyer
WNO Young Associates Teacher Recommendation
WNO Young Associates Program Student Application


Ashi Day
Program Coordinator
Events for Students
Education Division
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

P:  202.416.8846
F:  202.416.4843

Sep 25


Summer 2015 Program

Who: All Sophomores & Juniors in the Music Department

What: Governor’s School for the Arts Auditions

Where: Chorus Room

When: October 16, 2014 @ 2:30 PM

Governor’s School for the Arts is a 6 week summer music enrichment program. It takes place annually at Radford University. Students are selected to attend by audition. The first step is a school based audition. Then names are submitted to the governor’s school and they will contact you for a second audition to determine if you qualify for their program. It is very important that you prepare adequately for both auditions and turn in all paper work on time.

For more detailed information on what the Governors School for the Arts is about, please visit their website:

Audition requirements for October 16th:


2 contrasting vocal solos (Art Song, Folk Song, Aria, Broadway) from memory

Sight Reading exercise (provided at the audition)



Two short solos in contrasting styles or one movement from a concerto or sonata.

Major- and melodic minor scales up to 3 sharps and flats in two- or three octaves as appropriate.



Two short solos in contrasting styles

Major- and melodic minor scales up to 3 sharps and flats in two- or three octaves as appropriate.


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